Unex in photovoltaic installations

At Unex we have been offering products for routing, tying and fixing cables in the photovoltaic sector for more than 15 years in different countries and applications: solar plants, solar roofs, floating photovoltaic plants, agrovoltaic, solar canopies, inverters, etc.

In addition, we have more than 45 years of proven experience in outdoor installations all over the world.

Installations inSOLAR PLANTS

A solar farm is an installation consisting of a set of solar panels belonging to different inverters to produce its own electricity.

Solar rooftop installations

Rooftop solar photovoltaic installations are mainly intended for self-consumption in the industrial, tertiary and residential sectors.

Floating solarpower plants

For a few years now, floating photovoltaic plants have been gaining importance, and these have a number of advantages over ground-mounted systems.


Agrovoltaic installations

Agrovoltaic energy is positioned as a fundamental axis to make agriculture a more sustainable sector in the fight against climate change.

Installations in solar canopies

Installations in solar canopies are key to the energy transition, and there is an increasing trend towards this type of self-consumption in which the space dedicated to vehicle parking is used for the installation of solar panels.

Photovoltaic inverters

Solar inverters are a very important element in photovoltaic installations and an inadequate choice of cable protection elements can cause electrical failures and reduce the performance of the plants.

Unex projects in photovoltaics

Discover some of our outstanding projects in photovoltaic installations around the world.

Click on the location icons to see some of our featured projects in photovoltaic installations around the world.

  • Manila, Philippines. 2017

    Solar canopy, refrigerated warehouse – Insulating cable tray 66

  • Walvis Bay, Namibia. 2019

    Solar roof, shopping centre - Insulating cable tray 66

  • Sant Leu, La Reunion. 2014

    Solar roof, shopping centre - Insulating cable tray 66

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2020

    Solar roof, commercial building - Insulating cable tray 66

  • Olhão, Portugal. 2012

    Solar plant - Trunking 73

  • Golomoti, Malawi 2022

    Solar plant - Cable ties 22-0

  • Tuttlingen, Germany. 2005

    Solar roof, school - Insulating cable tray 66

  • Valladolid, Spain 2008

    Solar Plant – Insulating cable tray 66

  • Sonora Desert, Mexico 2021

    Solar Power Plant - Cable ties 22 HD

  • Prudencia, Panama 2020

    Solar Power Plant - Cable ties 22-0

  • Atacama Desert, Chile 2020

    Solar Power Plant - Cable ties 22-0

  • Helengeli, Maldives 2020

    Solar rooftop, hotel – Insulating cable tray 66

  • Huelva, Spain 2022

    Floating Plant – Insulating cable tray 66

Why count on Unex for your photovoltaic installations?

At Unex, we have been a specialist manufacturer since 1964. For more than 55 years we have been working to make the world safer, more humane and more sustainable through the design and manufacture of insulating products for cable management in electrical, telecommunications and air conditioning installations.

At Unex, we focus our efforts on R&D by formulating our own raw materials to obtain products with improved technical characteristics, above market standards in terms of: resistance to weathering, corrosion, impact, etc.

We offer a wide range of products for photovoltaic installations that stand out for their electrical insulation, durability and outdoor resistance for the conduction, protection, tying and fixing of cables: trunkings, cable trays with covers, supports and cable ties that are resistant to UV rays.

Unex products are recognised for their compliance with the most stringent standards and provide cable management solutions for different photovoltaic applications. They adapt to the technical requirements of each project, achieving a long-lasting, cost-effective and safe installation.

At Unex, we have been offering our products and solutions in photovoltaic installations in different countries around the world for more than 15 years, covering the different needs according to the technical requirements of each project.

In addition, our products have more than 45 years of proven experience in outdoor installations and are accredited for compliance with the most demanding regulations.

At Unex, we are members of Unef, Atlansun, Clean Enery Council and SER, reinforcing our commitment for a more sustainable future.


Being close to the customer to help, advise and resolve any kind of technical and commercial doubts is our raison d’être.

Thanks to our team of professionals, we accompany the customer throughout the entire process. From the analysis of the requirements and needs, the presentation and validation of our proposal, the purchase and delivery of our products, to the installation.

Do you need technical advice for your next project?


Digital tools

At Unex, we reinforce our commitment to digitalisation through the U-Digital Services customer area. It is a platform designed so that professionals in the sector, distributors, installers and prescribers can access our exclusive content and services from a single platform to our exclusive content and customised services that provide reliable, fast and simple solutions to each type of work or project.

Register and access U-Digital Services from a single portal to all our contents and applications:

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