Unex inData Centers

Area of Power supply

This is the point of entry of energy to the data centre, either continuously through agreements with energy distribution companies or, in backup mode, in case of failure, through diesel or gas generators.

Area of Power distribution

The electrical distribution of a data center is made up of a switching element, which selects the energy source to be used to guarantee the continuity of the service, cabling, protection or manoeuvre elements and UPS continuous power supply systems.

System HVAC

The purpose of an air conditioning system in a data center is to maintain the temperature and humidity of the IT components at an optimal level.

Installations Photovoltaic

Rooftop solar photovoltaic installations are mainly used for self-consumption in different sectors.

Technical room IT room

IT rooms are technical rooms that house servers and storage systems for running applications and storing data.

Area Meet-me room

This is a space where the structured cabling of all the clients and suppliers housed in the data centre is concentrated, providing a reliable, low latency connection with reduced costs.

Operational center NOC

The NOC centralises all the activities that are carried out remotely in the data center, both in the electromechanical part and in the IT systems part.

Why count on Unex for your installations in Data Centers?

At Unex, we have been a specialist manufacturer since 1964. For more than 55 years we have been working to make the world safer, more humane and more sustainable through the design and manufacture of insulating products for cable management in electrical, telecommunications and air conditioning installations.

At Unex, we focus our efforts on R&D by formulating our own raw materials to obtain products with improved technical characteristics, above market standards in terms of: resistance to weathering, corrosion, impact, etc.

Being close to the customer to help, advise and resolve any kind of technical and commercial doubts is our raison d’être.

Thanks to our team of professionals, we accompany the customer throughout the entire process. From the analysis of the requirements and needs, the presentation and validation of our proposal, the purchase and delivery of our products, to the installation.

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Digital tools

At Unex, we reinforce our commitment to digitalisation through the U-Digital Services customer area. It is a platform designed so that professionals in the sector, distributors, installers and prescribers can access our exclusive content and services from a single platform to our exclusive content and customised services that provide reliable, fast and simple solutions to each type of work or project.

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