Insulating cable tray 66
for data centers

Insulating cable tray 66

Insulating cable tray 66
for data centers

Insulating cable tray 66

Insulating cable tray 66
for data centers

Our cable trays for outdoor and indoor use in solar installations are made of insulating material, offering maximum electrical safety for people and installations and ensuring maximum availability of the equipment.

Unex Insulating cable tray 66 is also available in halogen-free material with 100% recycled raw material base.

Benefits and technical characteristics of Unex Insulating cable trays 66:

  • Protect the cabling, improving the performance of the installation and extending its useful life.
  • Ensure optimum operation and service of equipment
  • Guarantee maximum electrical safety for people, equipment and services.
  • They eliminate the risk of indirect contacts.
  • The use of electrical insulating material significantly reduces the risk of short circuits. This ensures a much safer and more reliable functioning of the electrical system by preventing contact between a damaged phase and metallic elements.
  • They do not spread flame and do not propagate fire by dripping (complies with UL94, flammability class V0 acc/EN 61537).
  • They do not spread heat due to the low thermal conductivity of the insulating material.
  • They are electromagnetically neutral, without transferring induced or leakage currents.
  • They allow the separation of power and signal cables at different levels, even when using metal supports.
  • Cutting and handling does not produce burrs, sparks or irritating dusts.
  • No earthing and equipotential bonding: being electrically insulating, the safety level is not affected by factors such as humidity or corrosion.
  • They remain unaffected by corrosion.
  • Resistant to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Savings and simplification in installation and site management.

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