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Unex FiberWay® 68

In recent years there has been an unprecedented growth in digital technology and consequently the strategic development of data centers. For the data centre of the future to succeed, the fibre infrastructure that solves tomorrow’s challenges must be addressed today. Unex is committed to providing innovative cable management solutions for data centers that will minimise […]

Slotted trunking 77

Our Slotted trunking 77 in insulating material stands out for its robustness which provides greater safety to the installation. Benefits and features of the Unex Slotted trunking 77: Strong, flexible fingers that do not bend or break accidentally and allow for a better grip of the cover. Easy to mount and dismount cover that does […]

Slotted trunking 88

Our Slotted trunking 88 in halogen free insulating material, made of 100% recycled thermoplastic component, stands out for its robustness which provides greater safety to the installation. Benefits and features of the Unex Slotted trunking 88: Smooth design, no burrs or sharp edges: does not damage users’ hands during assembly and cable insulation is not […]

Fiberoptic Raceways 68

Our Fiberoptic Raceways 68 in yellow allows constant fibre support without kinking. It is made of halogen-free insulation material U48X with 100% recycled thermoplastic component and offers the following technical features and benefits due to the proprietary formulation of the material: No cutting or drilling during the installation process. Cutting and handling does not produce […]

Floor box 52

Our Floor box 52 in insulating material is the ideal product for supplying workstations from the floor, allowing space to be reserved for future installations. By using it, flexibility is achieved for future modifications or extensions to workspaces. The floor box can be installed in: new construction, refurbishment, power supply from the lower floor, installation […]

Furniture supply 51

Our Furniture supply 51 is a flexible and versatile cabling system, especially recommended for open-plan spaces that need to supply a large number of workstations with minimal visual impact. The system consists of a furniture box with rounded edges and a translucent cable runway. Workstations can be powered from the ceiling, floor or wall, making […]

Service post 50

Unex Service post 50 is a flexible workstation supply system that adapts to the layout of the furniture. Advantages and benefits of the Unex Service post 50: Their minimalist design makes them ideal to coexist with all types of building elements. They have a solid and safe structure, guaranteeing easy and comfortable assembly. Any mechanism […]

Trunking 93

Unex Trunkings 93 are designed to offer greater aesthetic integration, allowing for flush mounting in walls, on site or in plasterboard, partitions, wood cladding, etc. Benefits and technical characteristics of Unex Trunking 93: They are made of insulating material They can be attached to or embedded in walls or furniture. They guarantee the thermal and […]

Mini trunking 78

Unex Mini trunking 78 was developed more than 30 years ago and is especially designed for the renovation of homes, offices and other types of buildings. It is a small-sized trunking with an external cover and surface mounting on the wall or ceiling. We have mini trunkings with one to three compartments to separate the […]

Trunking 73

Our trunkings for outdoor and indoor use are made of insulating material, offering maximum electrical safety for people and installations. Benefits and technical characteristics of Unex trunkings: Insulating material that guarantees maximum electrical safety. They protect the wiring, improving the performance of the installation and extending its useful life. Easy separation of alternating and direct […]